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It’s one of those days when I look around me and feel happy and blessed. I have never been someone who visits temples and finds a connect with the statues we are conditioned to worship and have faith in. I have been to churches, gurudwaras and temples and I respect how people choose to put their faith in their beliefs which somehow makes them find comfort in life. For me that comfort has been in nature and everything that comes under it. For me blue skies with white clouds are as much daunting sights as lush green valleys and snow enveloped mountains. I choose to put my faith in the divine power of universe. And so when days like today occur in my life where a smile seems to shadow all worries and doubts, I look above and around and just have a conversation with my creator. I thank him for days that I am able to witness, for mornings where I didn’t have to struggle to wake up, for days when the sun was warm but not fiery, when winds chose to brush against the skin softly . On days like today I feel fortunate of having lived though bad days and good ones, for having continued to walk ahead even when clueless. And on days like today even when I am still anxiously figuring what is my purpose in life, for some weird reason I feel in peace with the slow unravelling of destiny. - Shubhangi ❤️ #mygodandi ⚡️
Food Challenge Vlog at Central Perk is now out on my YouTube channel. Check out the vlog now to see it.🤩 Link is in the bio🧡 Thank you @centralperkcafeddun for having us. The experience was a memorable one.💫
Tried this super delicious#waffle at An amazing theme based restaurant! Food Challenge Vlog to be out tomorrow at 5pm. Subscribe to the channel Both Fire And Ice on Youtube to watch it.😍
“I am my mommy’s favourite kid and among all the people that live in the house I trouble her the most. But well that’s ok, because she signed up for it. Also, how can you not love this face!”❤️ - Baby April.
Let’s take a step ahead, shall we? Let’s create our own paths in wilderness, Let’s choose hope in most desperate of times. Let’s not give up but believe. Smaller milestones will lead to biggest victories. ❤️ - Shubhangi First Business Card 💫
There are days when everything falls into place and there are those where nothing makes sense or seems right. What do we do in both cases? We walk. We keep walking. In hope. 💛 📸 by the talented @capture.and.treasure ⚡️
#unforgettablestrangers Today as I boarded the 10am Volvo for Delhi from Dehradun, this man happened to be in the same bus. What caught my attention was his piercings. There is one thing that @banij says, people with tattoos and piercings are the least judgemental because they allow you the liberty to be you. While most people meet them with judgemental eyes, these people have the courage to shatter it away.There are people who get inked or pierced for fun and then regret it but some who embrace it so beautifully and carry it so gracefully. To them that is a part of who they are, and who they choose to be. When we reached the midway stop I told him how the piercings look amazing and asked if I could click a picture of him. He was confident and happy! He told me that he had a total of 40 piercings all over his body and I was absolutely stunned. The hint of accomplishment in his voice was a proof of how he was proud of who he had chosen to be. I had a curiosity as to what profession he might be in but before I could ask, he handed me his business card. And voilà! He works for Harley Davidson. My absolute favourite dream bike family.💫 It makes me happy to see how people are embracing the culture of tattoos and piercings not just to look cool but as a means to leave a memoir of they victories and a proof of their journey. 💜
There are teachers in our lives who leave behind a mark. They leave us with not just scattered memories of book lessons or field tactics but some teachings we might never forget in life. Coaches, gurus, teachers, mentors have a power to shape you in a way to avoid mistakes they have made. I have had many people who have left behind some great memories but the biggest guru in my life has been a woman who I never got to learn under but only spend a few minutes with and have the most life changing conversations. @missjeeth is one amazing human who opened my eyes to look at world differently. Her vision and perceptions about life, pain, struggle, and God have left me with so much of hope that I now look at life a little more differently and deeply. Gurus do that to you, they have the power to make you a better person. - Shubhangi ❤️
I always wanted to be a werewolf whenever someone asked me about which superpower I would want to have. I just thought that I could connect a lot with it. I mean a hidden wild side, raw instincts, powerful emotions all caged by the society, by people around me who told me how to voice it all out would make me seem weak, silly, desperate and vulnerable. I would wish that I could turn into a werewolf and howl out loud! I live in binaries, don’t we all? A part of us rational, concerned about the social norms, expectations of others, code of conduct, what to wear, how to eat, how to talk, how to love, what to feel, how to express and how to hide. That’s the ICE, you see. The other side, the FIRE, the passionate , the emotions, the energies, the anger, the rebel, the risk taker, the vulnerable, the weak, the wild that doesn’t give a damn about what will people say, will they love me still, will it be worth, am I making the right choice? The wolf in us struggles between the fire and ice, unable to fall on one side, always watchful, always worried, always overthinking, over analysing and complicating things. What if we choose one? Will our lives be any different? Won’t that mean denying the existence of the other? Let me tell you, you can’t have it either way, because you have both. You can’t choose shadow and dismiss the light, you can’t chose positivity and do away with negativity, and the battle goes on! And guess what! This is life. Choosing one over the other each day, each moment. So what will you chose today? Will you choose to be a total rebel or a total conformist or maybe make a wise choice keeping both fire and ice in mind. Let’s make it simpler, shall we? Each moment of pain offers you a chance to rise above it. Each chain tied to your feet gives you the power to break it, each negativity that seeps into your mind has the power to be expelled and all that can be possible if you aren’t afraid to embrace both the sides. We aren’t perfect, will never be. We are humans made by our decisions and choices, remoulding our lives by what we choose every moment. So shatter the myth that you have to FIT. You are untamed, fierce and wild. - Shubhangi❤️
You know what makes a pretty cafe even prettier? Pretty roofs⚡️ Spent yesterday at an amazing theme based cafe in Dehradun and loved the experience! Vlog to be out by next Sunday so stay tuned.🧡 #blogger #foodblogger #indianyoutubers #orangeisthenewblack #dreamer #interiordesign #cafe #cafedecor #decorideas #creativephotography #backtowork #positivevibes #architecturephotography #dehradundiaries #travelgram #explore #letscreate #bothfireandice #phoneography #photography #photooftheday #phonephotography #iphoneography #iphone7photography #iphone7 #capture #special_shots #photographers_of_india
Who says you need to be a #fashionista or #slim to strike a pose. ⚡️ I have seen how women with curvy figures or bigger size are made to feel that camera isn’t for them. Despite of numerous social influencers stepping up and voicing out how size doesn’t matter, one still judges the person for the body type they have. So let me tell you, it’s better to be a woman with confidence than a woman with a good body type. Because babe, you are meant to slay with your boldness and beauty and not fit into a particular dress. So all those women starving themselves of all the love, appreciation and yummy food, focus on being You, being confident and being fit (not slim.) 💫 Lots of Love, Fellow curvy woman who is as much flawed as you, or maybe a little bit more (but who cares, right!) ❤️ 📸 captured by @capture.and.treasure 😘
Let’s rock the #shorthairdontcare look with a touch of #emohair.💫 Back on track! With new series of vlogs to be out real soon.🤩 Also, a big shoutout to the talented @capture.and.treasure who manages to make you look like a diva ready to slay.❤️

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