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a yearly affair. #colourherecolourtherecoloureverywhere #teambravoforlife #Deepavali
felt like a total tourist today in my own country. #bestfriends #samesameandstillthesame
dear view, you're so missed. (the boats were a spoiler though) #throwback #krabi
and this marks the end to my experiences being an OGL whereas this bunch embark on a new chapter in their lives. thanks for making the two days so enjoyable guys! Each time being an OGL, it's always a different experience. Seeing friendships blossom and bonds strengthened gives such joy. thanks to #district4technology #camphorwerewolves & now #supernovaaquarius for all the pleasant memories. Rachel and Jodie, OPT, Emcees and DJ @kaizen_cktang , special thanks to all of you for making this camp as wonderful as it was. OOO-AH A-QUA! πŸ™ #supernova2014 #rmitsc
an auspicious day with auspicious people:) #deepavali #Teambravoforlife #colourherecolourtherecoloureverywhere
I know for a fact that these are two that I can rely on calling to seek annoying favors at 4am late into the night (provided my call is answered) #throwback #muststillberealistic

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