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IT'S A WRAP! #玉建煌崇大件事 #玉建煌崇 #yjhc #yjhcmovie #teamwardrobe
IT'S A WRAP! #玉建煌崇大件事 #玉建煌崇 #yjhc #yjhcmovie #teamwardrobe
Added a few more details to my previous custom wetsuit. Chose neon orange and green because they show more underwater. 🕷 . . ❗️Design is not irrelevant to any MCU or comic references.❗️
I refuse to be normal underwater 🤡 . . 🎞: @tan.euguene 🏖: @tenggol_coral_beach_resort . Thank you for the hospitality @tenggol_coral_beach_resort !!
Sea more of the world, one beach at a time.🤣🤣(Cont) . ❗️No humans were harmed during filming process❗️ . Pardon my swelling face 🤣 . 📸: @tan.euguene . @yukizhiyan

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