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Watermelon and Jalapeño salad 🙌 . Eating food that fuels your body doesn’t have to be boring. And eating on vacation doesn’t have to be a decadent marathon. 🔥
Live with INTENTION 💜 . I used to allow the days to pass, it was like living the same day over and over...wake up, work, eat dinner, sleep.....until one day i woke the F up. . I did a Dreamline exercise with my hubby and realized how small i was playing. . Don’t just allow each day, month or year to pass you by. Live with intention. Play full out like you mean it.
My hubby asked me what I’d love for our anniversary this year. I chose sunset yoga. 🧘🏻‍♀️ . Considering anniversaries past were filled with late night parties, trips to other island and expensive gifts, it seems like an odd choice. But it couldn’t have been more perfect for me at this time in my life. . Yoga has taken my mind and body by storm and allowed me to connect deeply with my “soul line” (great term from @christinehassler 🤗). The icing on the cake was the view of my favorite location on earth and the spiritual island of Delos where in 2013 I asked the Universe (and Greek Gods 🇬🇷🙌) to bring me little Sophia. ❤️ . 📸 credit Spyros Paloukis Yoga by @yoga_mykonos_lux
There’s something brewing... . After 3 weeks of laughter, deep conversations with women about life, love and family...I feel a fire burning. . I have an idea marinating, one I need to meditate on and cultivate. I’m grateful to all the women that have shared their struggles with me openly and with love. . Thank you to the tribe that poured the belief into me that I have something profound to offer this next generation of moms who want to live passionate fulfilling lives, inspire their children to dream, contribute to the world and have incredible relationships. . As the path becomes more clear, I’ll share...but for now it’s to be continued... . 📸 credit @loriharder 🤗
I can’t believe today marks our 12 year wedding anniversary. I’m so grateful you came into my life and stole my heart. Robert you’ve always been there to dream with me, travel by my side, nudge me to take the next step, create magic moments and of course, make me laugh so hard my abs hurt. We have truly live our vows and make each other’s dreams our own. I wouldn’t want to do this journey with anyone but you. I love you ❤️
Thank you to @miss_concierge and @mykonossailing for an incredible day of sailing, swimming and simplicity. 🇬🇷
Congrats to my teammate @kwhite808 on an incredible physical transformation. She was introduced to our system from my bestie @heatherclark_momof4 and has now inspired over twenty of her friends to begin their journey!!! . Here’s Karen’s story in her own words...⤵️ . “This picture brings so many emotions... memories with my daughters I’ll always cherish but how I felt about myself in each picture is very different. . One decision to change my health has helped me lose 20 lbs of menopausal weight gain, lose body fat & lose those late evening cravings plus: *Gain energy *Gain better sleep *Gain mental clarity . Because I deserve to love myself as much as I love these girls. Because I want to be here for so many more celebrations. Because what I was doing wasn't working. Because I needed to feel like me again. Because I needed convenience and more energy. Because I’m worth it... and so are you!”
Growth takes courage. .. How’s your growth game? Mine was mediocre. My hubby would spoon feed me concepts and ideas he learned from reading, but i didn’t seek the info on my own. .. Then i began a business i knew nothing about, where personal development is EVERYTHING. I realized that to be more and more successful, i was going to need to dig a little deeper. .. This past year has been transformative. I’ve admitted to myself things that had been buried deep down. Especially beliefs that have been limiting me. Now that these things are uncovered, they don’t limit me anymore...or at least, when i feel them I’m able to acknowledge and release them. .. If your growth game isn’t strong but you want to become a more successful person...i HIGHLY recommend spending time in this area. READ books, LISTEN to podcasts and attend EVENTS. Then, once you learn a new strategy- take ACTION.
The first 5 years of a child’s life are everything. This is where character and personality develop. . My job as a mommy is to expose her to as many things as possible and foster each passion...even if it’s just being a super silly pants. 🤗👧🏼👯‍♀️
When incredible people come together and play full out to help each others dreams become a reality...magic happens. . So many times I’ve been involved in tribes where competition always rears its ugly head and scarcity is the theme. Life is not just about amassing your fortune and’s about paying the lessons you’ve learned forward. . This tribe is VERY different. Ever person in this photo has a “zone of genius” AND lives their life in abundance. We thrive on helping others elevate their businesses and lives. . I’m beyond grateful for the incredible souls in this photo that have already made such an impact in my life just by being a part of it. . @lewishowes @docjenfit @christinehassler @stefsifandos @robmurgatroyd @drtonibest @drdarrenwhite @girltalknetwork @joshpendrick @loriharder @chriswharder
I've ❤️ explaining why network marketing income offers huge advantages! . 1. You can build it part time, anytime. 2. Your office is virtual, you can build it from anywhere, any city. I’m current in Greece planning calls between beach days and taverna nights. . 3. Start up cost with us is $29+Cost of YOUR products (you literally eat your overhead!) no stockpiling products or samples. . 4. You can create enough tax deductions alone each year to make it worthwhile. . 5. You can learn it while you earn it. I had ZERO experience, just great mentors and some hustle. . 6. You can earn an extra $500, $1000, $5000 or more a month every month to invest in a traditional options of real estate + equities. This biz can be ONE of many streams of PASSIVE income. . 7. Your business partners have a vested interest in your success. At least in our company we have a #OneTeam attitude 8. This creates an asset income meaning it could go on forever regardless of whether you are working hard at it or not. A pure asset income creates an asset or net worth. . 9. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our company does all the heavy investing in lifting from product development (50+ scientists|reseach), legal groundwork, customer service, data processing, banking, sales training, marketing, branding and even social media. . 10. It’s the only business I know that you can pay forward your success and help people duplicate exactly what you did. ❤️
I’m jumping up and down right now!!!!!!! . CONGRATULATIONS to our Project You teammate Jennifer Lindelow for an incredible transformation and 2018 Isabody Challenge Honorable Mention!!! . After being introduced to our products by her friends Anna and @krisstrauser she jumped two feet in and transformed her body and life!!! . She is in the midst of her 6th challenge and feels better now at age 46 (next month) then she’s felt the rest of her adult life. . Jennifer says she finally feels great in her own skin and she wants to tell everyone I meet about how this company and these products have changed her life. . A picture is truly worth a thousand words...

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