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All of us are off because it's June holidays! Here we are at Children's Festival !
迟来的爱. I was thinking, eh how come I don't have Mother's Day gift. I even asked him did you do anything for me, he said no. 🤔 and he just said Happy Mother's Day on Sunday. Then I recalled because I went out on Friday and he was already on his post exams mood and probbaly he has forgotten about it. Oh well, better than nothing. Feeling loved again 😍
Our son joins us for movie now, he is no longer scared. The hubs no longer needs to watch movie in the cinema alone. Ha! #heisnolongera孤独老人 #hubsisamarvelfan #familytime #avengersinfinitywar
We are here because he loves Kumar. You finally get to see him after watching many videos of him online and laughing alone.. #earlybirthdaycelebrationforhim #Kumar50
😆🤔😲 saw this in his homework file. To shake head or laugh? We both laughed our heads out! So do you think my son went to the garden?
2018 大年初一 Wishing everyone a Happy “Paws-perous” Lunar New Year!
Fish soup, seafood soup, prawn soup, crayfish soup.. You name it, I will love it.. Another favourite store in the east!
Made a trip to Hong Kong before he embarked his journey in Primary School #hongkong2016 #nomorefireworksinhkdisneylandfornow
Sunday rainy morning brekkie for 3 of us to end year 2017. Time to wrap the textbooks now after brekkie! #garlicbreadchaota
My kiki mee! I thought I had bee hoon at home but i forgotten I have dumped it so I make do with maggi noodles from Taiwan. #forgottocleanmyplate #eggtoothick #simplelunch

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