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W.I.P for the meme I’m making. I told ya that I am animating and not slacking. #animationwip #animationmeme #animation #artist
@bananaartsmarties Since a lot of your characters are anthros, I decided to make Nevaeh into one as apart of your style. This one seemed like “Pokémon meets The Animation Meme Community”. Lol. Gg
@_nininguyen217_ I apologize for the white dots, I couldn’t fix it. I went off your Bhad Bhabie post so this probably isn’t the best. This was pretty cool to use though!
@swirlzthecat I tried. I like how simple this style is and how easy it is to work with. I also kinda screwed up the line art I’m sorry.
Slots CLOSED 1. @swirlzthecat 2. @_nininguyen217_ 3. @bananaartsmarties
My friends @8o_sara_o8 @uwu_aine_uwu @galaxy_unicorn514 as a base that accurately represents us. Kinda.
Adoptables!!! What I’ll accept: - A character - Art Background info: These two are siblings. The girl is two years older than the boy. The boy is shy while the girl is outgoing. If you get the characters, you can decide everything else. I’ve never done adoptables before so I guess just comment the offer. ;-; #artist #art #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #medibang

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