“When we’re little girls, we had all the confidence in the world. We let our bellies hang out and we would dance and play and pick our wedgies. And then these things happen that make us question ourselves... Somebody says something mean to you on the play ground, and then we grow up. And you doubt yourself over and over again until you lose all that confidence. All the self esteem all the faith you started with, all that confidence is gone. But what if we didn’t let those moments get to us? What if we were stronger than that? What if we never lost that ‘little girl confidence’? What if when someone tells us we aren’t good, or thin, or pretty enough, we have the strength and the wisdom to say that what I am is better than all that? Because what I am.. is me”. ~ @amyschumer ‘I Feel Pretty’. 🧜🏼‍♀️👙🧜🏼‍♀️👙🧜🏼‍♀️👙. #FlashBackFriday #MissingTheOldYoungMe
I don’t think my stretch marks are beautiful. I don’t think they’re ‘tiger stripes’ or ‘natural tattoos’. I don’t think my birthmark is beautiful. I don’t think my cellulite on the back of my legs or the rolls that I get on my stomach when I sit down are beautiful. 🍉I just think they’re human🍉. I don’t believe that every small detail of our outer appearance needs to be translated into prettiness in order to be loved, accepted and successful.
“Healing isn’t always going to feel good. So I want you to know that it’s ok to grieve. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to acknowledge your fear. It’s ok that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. You just need to be willing to be stronger and softer than your toughest times. 🌷🌷🌷. Allow yourself to feel these feelings, but don’t reside in them too long where it keeps you from living and loving. Honor the suck. Brace yourself for the ups and downs. Trust the struggle. And always, always, take care of yourself through this process”. ~ @belongtolove 🌷🌷🌷.
“Instead of comparing your body to those around you, I challenge you to look for the joy in the faces of those who are truly living their best life in whatever body they have”. ~ Brooke Heberling. 🐾🐾🐾. Body comparison has got to be one of the most self destructive thoughts that we can have. I know this because I am guilty of doing it myself. I have received quite a few DMs from ladies expressing their gratitude for me sharing my struggles and opening up about all things body image, as well as mental health related. From ladies who I’ve never met, to those that I’ve known for years, (all of whom I think are absolutely gorgeous), have reached out to me and said how much they can relate to what I’ve been through/am going through. 🐾🐾🐾. When we are understanding and supportive of each other with our goals and struggles, it’s amazing how much more motivational we can be for one another. When we are as honest about the ‘not so easy to talk about stuff’ as we are about our accomplishments, it can be so liberating, and can connect us in a far more genuine way 😄. 🐾🐾🐾. Basically ladies, be nice to each other. Just because you think someone has their shit together doesn’t necessarily mean that they do. And regardless of what anyone looks like, we all still have our insecurities.
✨2 years ago today since my bi lateral hip surgery✨. ✨✨✨. Yesterday I was asked what my biggest accomplishment is, and a close second to adopting my precious four legged baby girl 🐈, is how far I’ve come since my surgery. To think that two years ago today I was learning how to walk again and was told that I’d never be able to dance again. Today, I ran 5k’s in 28 minutes💪🏼. Did a cool split thing (thank you, kind stranger, for taking this photo)🙃. ✨✨✨. I’ve had serious lows in between these two years and have had to push through some super difficult physical and emotional obstacles. But it’s important to celebrate the victories whilst acknowledging what still needs work. “Listen to the pain. It’s both history, teacher and fortune teller. Pain teaches us who we are. Sometimes it’s so bad, we feel like we’re dying. But we can’t really live until we die a little, can we?” ~ Blind Al, Deadpool 2. #TransformationTuesday #TiltTuesday
If there is one feeling that every human craves - it is to be understood. 🌸🌸🌸. Sharing my struggles with negative body image, unhealthy relationships with food and anxiety on my page, was with the intention of letting others know that they are not alone in feeling this way. I was/still am terrified that I will be misunderstood, judged, or have those that I love and look up to, treat me or look at me differently. 🌸🌸🌸. However, it is so true that our weaknesses and vulnerabilities are what make us human, and therefore connect us🤲🏼. Which is why I love following women like: @psychandsquats 💜. @brittanyburgunder 💜. @anxietysupport 💜. @betterbeingsteph 💜. 🌸🌸🌸. In the past 8 years, I have learnt that you can develop a rational, balanced, caring attitude to weight and food, as well as developing daily good habits. But you can’t forget how many calories are in a boiled egg. You can’t forget how euphoric you felt when you saw the number you wanted on the scale. You can try as hard as you can to block it out, but sometimes, on very difficult days, every motivational quote and piece of logic is completely forgotten. Your body now becomes your worst enemy and ‘self-destruct’ mode is in full swing. 🌸🌸🌸. I have been terrified of food and over exercised. I have over indulged in food and been terrified to be seen in the gym exercising. I am not perfect. But I’d like to remind the person that has read this much of my babbling, that you are not alone if you have shared any of these feelings too💖.
🍰There is no food that will do as much damage to your body as a poor relationship with food will do🍰. ... I’m sure I’m not the only one that struggles with keeping treats in the house without the fear of losing control around it. I still find it super difficult to not finish an entire slab of chocolate, purely because it’s there. Or to go off the rails completely because I feel like I’ve ‘failed’ for eating something high in calories or sugar😕. So as a result, it makes sense to just not keep such tempting ‘bad’ foods in the house🍰🚫. Something that I’ve learnt the hard way, is that the longer you restrict yourself and the harder you are on yourself for having perfectly human cravings, the more likely your chances are of losing control around food. Before I try to improve on my aesthetic anymore, I know it’s far more important for me to develop a more balanced and healthier approach to eating✌🏼. ... I love cake, especially @thevelvetcakeco rainbow cake. Coping mechanisms that I find help me to not overdo it are: 🌈Tidying up or doing some kind of housework straight after eating to keep me busy and productive. 🌈Having a cup of coffee after eating. 🌈Making sure I’ve prepped my next meal to be healthy because I know it’ll make me feel better mentally and physically. 🌈Remind myself that it’s just one treat, and this is a lifestyle, not a never ending diet. 🍰And best believe I had my cake and enjoyed every bite🍰.
#Weights_And_Watermelon 😝. 💪🏼🍉💪🏼🍉💪🏼🍉. I used to hate wearing festive, colorful leggings because I thought they made my legs look bigger than they are. Plus, bright colors draw more attention to myself which is terrifying🙈. Buuuut these tights tick all the boxes: 💖Stretchy. 💖High waisted. 💖Comfy af. 💖Has watermelons on them (duh).
Do not speak badly about yourself, for the warrior inside you hears your words and is lessened by them. You are strong and you are brave. There is a nobility of spirit within you. 🐺Let it grow🐺.
💪🏼Flex Friday Feels💪🏼. ... It’s now June bug time😄. And although I don’t believe that you need to wait until Monday, or a new month or new year to start ‘getting your shit together’ (whatever that even means) - it sure helps with motivation and the feeling of a fresh start ☀️. ... I know that I haven’t given my all in many aspects of my life so far this year, and I’m not going to put the pressure on myself or encourage anyone else to do a 180 and start being perfect at everything either. Imma just try and take those baby steps🐾. Acknowledge what needs more attention - physically, mentally, spiritually, with personal relationships and studies, and take those baby steps to improving. ... Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I’m sure actions were put into place everyday to make shit happen... but then again I’m not an historian and I don’t really know but whatevs you get my point 😜.
As #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth comes to an end, I feel as though I need to stick to my intentions of using my social media platform to be honest, and in doing so, hopefully inspire others. As much as it may seem like it, I most certainly do not always have my shit together. As far as I’ve come in my own recovery, there are some days and even weeks where I feel like I’m back at square one again. I’ve felt super alone, misunderstood and terrified of opening up about something that makes me as vulnerable as possible. 💜💜💜. As much as mental health awareness encompasses issues such as depression and anxiety (to name a few), unhealthy relationships with food and poor self image is what I and many other women can relate to. However, eating disorders don’t just stand on their own, as they often lead to or are as a result of crippling anxiety, depression as well as pressure from outside influences (eg. social media, certain career choices etc.). 💙💙💙. Things I’d like to remind others, myself included, is that: 🦋Any kind of recovery, be it physical or mental, is never linear. 🦋Trying to heal on your own definitely does not speed up the recovery process. 🦋Not everyone will understand, and that’s ok. Don’t allow that to set you back. 🦋You are not any less deserving of love. 🦋You are not weak for being human. 🦋You are not alone.

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