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this is so random LOL 🤪 — i made this cuz i got bored, it does have an au but i want you guys to guess so whichever one i like the best is the caption my audio - steve lacy - looks cc oml ib @ethansemma for jade and cristel SORRY ABOUT THE WEIRD BLACK SHIT AT THE TOP ITS PROBABLY THE RSMB
purp hi i’m posting early • this is old and has no concept and if it flops oh well i’m sorry for no posting i’ve been at summer pe but expect my james drawing tomorrow ❤️ • tag him if you want @ethandolan @dolantwins • dt- @baddie_art @thiccdolxns @wendysedits @watevadol @dolanmoods_ @dolansoft everyone else in the james you been fukin gc • #ethandolan #graysondolan #dolantwins #dolantwinart #infernocult #dolantwins #infernocult #graysondolan #dolantwinart #ethandolan
🦋🌧🍯🐻 PART 2 OF MY DREAM PLEASE READ RECENT TO UNDERSTAND so gray laid me down on a chair and told me if i was cold and i said yes. he gave me his sweatshirt, agh. (the chairs were those lay down chairs) he layed next to me and he was freaking beautiful baby angel agh. e and these others were in the ocean being crazy and we just layed there staring at eachother. gray all of a sudden stands up and he tells me to come with him i ask where but he just shushes me. comment for a final part 3!! 🐻🍯✨ - #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwins #graysondolan #dolantwins #ethandolan

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