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How much would you pay💵 to somebody that gives you the exact recipe to creating the long-term📆 results you're seeking? I mean, let's say you're very serious about network marketing💻, which I'm believing you are because you're watching this, and you want to create real residual income💰. You want to create a seven-figure income💵. You want to create a lifestyle around that. You have a picture, you have exactly what you want to create✨. How much would you pay a person that can give you a step-by-step👣 way to creating it, that has been there before you? And I want you to really project into the future📆 and think about. I mean, if I look back now over 12 years📆 in network marketing, millions of dollars💵 made, how much would I pay the person that has already done that and would give me the certainty that this would happen and show me the path?👣 If I knew that there is a person like this and if I had access to them and if I was able to pay them💵, potentially this is worth millions of dollars. How much are you willing to pay?💰 How much are you willing to go out and really seek for exactly what you're looking for?🤔 You know, obviously you can't give all your money to a mentor, right? But I really believe that each and every single year you got to have a budget for learning. You got to have a budget for mentorship💪🏻. And what I have seen over the last 12 years📆 is that the percentage of the money that we were making, putting into mentorship was certainly very, very big right at the start👣. As we were continuously making more and more income💰, the percentage was coming down. It's still a significant amount. You know, it's multiple six figures every year nowadays, but what I really believe is that right at the start, you really need to see yourself, being able to part with that money💵, but more importantly, choose the right person☝🏻. #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
Why is your addiction to learning📚 not profitable, or perhaps you're asking yourself, why is it not profitable yet?🤔 Right now, we all know that as we start a new business💻, as you’re wanting to create results that you don't currently have in your life, not just in business📚, but in any area of life, you got to immerse yourself in the information📝 that will get you to the path that will get you the how to’s that will get you the signs of achievement✨. What I see all too often is that in today's world that is really filled with amazing information📚 and an enormous amount of it. You know, we can very easily get too immersed and a little distracted just with the learning. So what I'm saying here is that, the real results💰, the real profit, the real profit is going to come from the balance of learning and action🚀. So how do you know what's the right balance between learning and action? Well, how much time should I learn?📚 How much time should I take action?🚀 And I really believe, you know, you need to leverage your time⏰. So while you're doing things where you can put on your headset and learn at the same time, perhaps washing dishes or walking or doing sports or something else✨, I believe you should immerse yourself every day in as much learning📚 as you can and leverage your time. Now, I don't believe you should be sitting at your desk💻 for hours just learning every single day because that's totally unprofitable. But while I am sure you can reserve at least 30 minutes⏰ of your time and leverage your time while you're doing something else to learning what I really want you to balance it with, after doing those 30 minutes of learning📚, let's say through exercise or doing whatever you're doing during the day📆. What I want you to be doing is taking one thing that you can implement from that 30 minutes of learning and put it into action the same day. That's a challenge☝🏻. I hope you accept it because here's the real reason why the most profitable
Why will positive thinking get you nowhere?☝🏻 Wow. Are you saying that I shouldn't be thinking positive?🤔 No, absolutely not. What I'm saying is that, being positive is a small, just a small part of your success⭐. I see people way too often. They're immersing themselves in a lot of personal development and while I love personal development💎, I probably spent a couple of hours every day learning and immersing myself in information that will make me more positive🙌🏻. I don't think that's the whole story. In fact, what the really important thing is that you stay positive while you're taking action and perhaps not always succeeding💎. Does that make sense? So first of all, yes, you do want to be immersed in positive environments with people that can take you further with information that can take you further👣. But the most important thing is you take massive action on what you're learning and that you stay positive✨ while all of the attempts of action that you're taking are not necessarily succeeding💎. See, the biggest difference between high achievers💪🏻 and people who really going to create seven figure💰 incomes in network marketing is going to be how often they're willing to fail. I mean, if we just take recruiting, how many no's are you willing to take and what is the attitude? How? What is your mindset when the failure✨, quote-unquote happens, but this is not a real failure. As we all know, that is a necessary process for you to get to the result that you're seeking☝🏻. So I want you to remember pure positive thinking, really will not get you very far. Step two is to take massive action🚀, and step three is to stay really positive through the not so positive events that may be happening on your journey in the process for creating results✨. So go take massive action. Immerse yourself in positive environments and stay positive⭐ while you're in the process while you're in the journey👣 and start loving the journey to success💎.
The Hardest Thing To Learn ☝🏻 The hardest thing to learn. Well, the hardest thing that I ever had to learn ... First of all✨, let me give a little bit of background. I'm a perfectionist. So as a perfectionist, nothing is ever good enough. I don't know if some of you would be on that same boat🤷🏻‍♂️. But as a perfectionist nothing is ever good enough. So what do you think happens when you are asked to take action🚀 on something?🤔 Until you believe it's almost perfect, which is never perfect, you don't take action🚀. That not taking action is the thing that will stand between you and your dreams💎. So it took me a while to understand that☝🏻. But I think the moment when I saw other people that were very, very successful, were more successful💎 than I was, having results, and I was observing what they were doing, they didn't care so much about how perfect those videos were, or how perfect they were on their s on how to prospect someone✨, or how perfect they were when they were on stage talking about something, some particular kind of topic. They just got it done☝🏻. I think, when I look back, if I was to say, what is the hardest thing I had to learn📚, was to let go, to let go of perfection⭐ and step into implementation. We all have our own limitations that we set ourselves, or limiting beliefs. And for me, the excuse for not taking action🚀, the story that I was telling myself is, if it's not good enough what are people going to think about me?🤔 When people don't think highly of me that means I will not have results. If I don't have results I will not be successful. If I'm not successful💎 how can I get people to think higher of what they think of me? So it's like a cycle that you go through☝🏻.
Do you have an interest in cryptocurrencies💰 and investing in them? 🤔Listen to what Pyjama Bosses have to say about this subject!✨ Let us know what you think in the comment section!⬇⬇⬇ #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
Have you ever had anyone in your team tell you "I really want to build my business, but family comes first☝🏻." How can you explain to that person that their family is massively🚀 going to benefit from perhaps, short-term sacrifice so that they can actually commit further to their business?💻 In long-term📆, them and their family can become more, be more and have more together?🤔 I know that if you're a leader🏆, if you're already a six-figure earner in 💰network marketing, you're probably getting really frustrated with people like that. I did, too. I must say. I see people with potential starting their businesses📚, getting results and then at a certain level, they realise they have perhaps invested a lot of time into their business and they're starting to take a step back👣 and think about what they have missed with their family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. What do we do with these people? For me, it's all about helping to get them reconnected with their vision. Somebody who is your leader, who already has results is probably in your organisation📚 and has got results to that point because they became massively obsessed with their vision with a transformation in their personal life✨ and in their family life. It's often about having a really honest conversation and getting reconnected to that vision💎. I do believe that after longer periods of time📆, one, two, three years when somebody's taking action🚀, quite often because we're high achievers, we get disappointed about the short-term results☝🏻. As you know, in short term, we overestimate what we can achieve. Probably this type of people are getting frustrated and thinking I haven't achieved what I thought I would and therefore, I think, I better just enjoy my family time because this is never really going to happen for me like the way I thought it will☝🏻.
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Is English not your first language and you wonder how that might affect your Multilevel Marketing business?🤔 Listen to Miguel share his experience✨ of over 10 years📆 on this subject and let us know what you think!⬇⬇⬇ #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
How can I find more leaders?🤔 I think that's a million dollar question💰. We all want to recruit more and we want to recruit this next big leader, that's going to be the biggest leader💪🏻 in your team and going to bring you thousands and hundreds of thousands of people👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. But I think it goes back to a very simple thing. I believe, it's not about the recruiting side of it. I think it goes beyond that. And when I say beyond, I mean going back to the beginning✨. And the beginning is the moment you talk to that person, that individual. Every single thing they do in their life, it gives you always a clue of who they are in their personality, and the skills that they have, and how determined they are☝🏻. That's one thing. Yes, the chances are that sometimes people are frustrated and they are not as driven as they probably could be🤷🏻‍♂️, if they were presented with the right opportunity. So, again, you're approaching that person and you already are watching for those qualities, those skills✨. Now the reason that you're going to be watching your opportunity and you're going to be able to recruit someone is because always they are frustrated with the life that they have today📆. And that means that you have an opportunity to show them that the change from that frustration into inspiration, and results, and goals, and achievement of dreams💎, is the opportunity you have. So you need to build that bridge where they are willing to cross👣. And the reason I'm saying that bridge is because, if you want to recruit better leaders in your team👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, you need to be watching for every single thing they do. Every time you talk🗣 to someone. In USA, for example, I talked to Peter. And I said to Peter, and I asked Peter to watch a 5-minute video💻📲. And I try to get the commitment from Peter to watch the video and write some questions that he may have when he watches that presentation or that video☝🏻. #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
Are you curious as to how Network Marketing can be like dating? 😂 Listen to Miguel explain how✨, and let us know if you agree with this statement!☝🏻 #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
How do I become an influential leader in my organization?🤔 Well, what is influence?☝🏻 Influence really is very connected with leadership. Influence really means that we can get people to do things that are probably really good for them✨. It's just that sometimes people are increasingly out of their comfort zone, and therefore they have fear around taking action🚀 or doing things or actually learning new things. Becoming influential, to me, really means that we're increasingly being able to empower people to get better✨. How we can do that is, number one☝🏻, walking the talk👣. It's very important that we're actually doing what we're asking other people to do. Especially in network marketing, it's all about being a leader rather than being a manager📈. It's not about telling people what to do. It's about actually being a leader and walking the talk🗣 and doing what you're preaching. I think the first step about being influential is actually doing what you're preaching🙏🏻. The second step is👣, of course, getting results at it. If you're just starting out in your network marketing📈 business, perhaps right now you don't have huge amounts of results to show. That's okay, because often people will not join us because of our results💰, they will join us because of our obsessive commitment to those results. Because they can see the path that we're walking on. Because there's an energy around us of really wanting👣 to do something and being committed to our personal success journey. So number one, get committed☝🏻. Get obsessed with that personal journey. Number two, continue to take steps forward👣. Walk the talk. Three, if you're doing that, I know results will show up💎. As results show up, your influence just exponentially increases. Guess what? When are you influential?⭐ From the very first day. Just remember you have influence even when you have just joined your team. People that are joining your team will actually look up to you for advice, for mentorship, for guidance, and so on☝🏻. #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
Is the know-how more important than the desire to do something?🤔 What are your thoughts on this subject?✨ Please let us know if you agree with Miguel in the comments below!⬇⬇⬇ #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
How do I systemize my MLM business?🤔 How many times have you wondered, 'How I can systemize what I do?'🤔 If you haven't, I would be asking myself that question. Many years ago, Masa and I went through a phase in which we literally burnt out🤦🏻‍♂️. We ended up in the hospital because of exhaustion from how much we were working😳. We were not thinking about 'How can I systemize my business?' We were always thinking, 'How can I get more things done? How can I do more? How I can grow my business?📈' We never thought, 'How can I systemize my business? As my business gets bigger, as my income grows, I don't have to increase the hours⏰ that I'm working.' What happened to us is that we increased the hours⏰ from a few hours when we were part-time to a full-time😵. We ended up working 12, 15 hour days; which I highly do not recommend to anyone☝🏻. The reason for that is because we didn't understand the power of duplication and systemizing your business. I don't mean you do absolutely nothing, don't get me wrong. You need to do work💪🏻, but there are certain things that you need to do, you must do, if you really want to scale your business to multiple six figures and seven figures💰, and beyond. That is using tools☝🏻. I don't mean to point people to ... like a pamphlet or anything like that. As a rule of thumb, when you find yourself repeating the same thing five, six, seven times✨, it's time for you to record a video; maybe like this one. You put the camera or even simple stuff, with your phone whether it's a Android or iPhone, just smartphone📲 with a camera and a microphone. The ones that have the camera, the phone is usually enough. If you're repeating yourself five times over, you already know what you need to talk about. The only thing you need to do is to press 'record' and record exactly the same that you’re always repeating💻. Then, after that, you need to put it somewhere on the Internet; usually maybe YouTube💻, for example, to start. It's not about place to start. Guess what the next thing you're going to be doing?🤔 How you systemize it is by you pointing to the tool. The more often you can do that, the more duplication you will have💰. #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
How do you balance your business📈 and productivity? Hear Miguel explain how to keep the balance while also growing your business at the same time!☝🏻 #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
How can I become the best I can be?🤔 This is certainly a daunting task☝🏻, how am I the best?⭐ How can I become the best that I can be?🤔 I really believe in the compounding effect. If I look back at my journey👣, over 10 years ago when I first started my own business, I really never believed that the results that I'm currently receiving were absolutely possible✨, I really didn't believe that. We are over estimating short term📆 what we can achieve, but long term, looking at a 10 year period, at a decade or more, we're always going to underestimate what we can achieve💪🏻. And so believing in that compounding effect over the long term📆, really committing ourselves to our journey, to our success path, step by step👣, day in and day out. Just doing a little bit more and taking action🚀 day by day, getting out of our comfort zone continuously and really consistently doing the work and taking massive action🚀. And then knowing that the compounding effect will kick in. How can I become the best that I can be in a specific skill?✨ Practice it over and over and over, get out of my comfort zone☝🏻, get around better mentors, practice it more. But if I continue to do that over a long period of time📆, I will really fulfil my potential. And so just knowing that continuous improvement is so important, continuous personal development and professional📚 development. So how can you become the best that you can be?🤔 Believing and knowing✨ there's a compounding effect, and long term will really produce the massive results that you may not even know about☝🏻. But right now really take the first step, and take action massively. Get out of your comfort zone👣 and you're on the right path to becoming the best you can be⭐.
The million dollar💰 question! Learn about the things that you should actually be looking for in a leader!💪🏻
Should I help more people or should I help my team?🤔 We get asked that question many☝🏻, many times over and it's a very normal feeling or very normal question to ask and we've all gone through that and that's kind of what makes a difference🤷🏻‍♂️. I think when you're trying to balance and you know to balance your recruiting with helping your team and that's a great sign✔︎. Congratulations if you're in that situation where you need to understand whether you need to keep recruiting for yourself or helping your team👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 or doing both. That's a great situation to have because that means that you have already a team that you are working with and they're very eager to learn and eager to do things💪🏻. So, here's as a rule of thumb to how we do it☝🏻. As you're growing your team from zero to six figures💰, most of the time you'll be recruiting for yourself. As you're getting closer to the six figure mark☝🏻, you will start kind of "diversifying" your activity. It will be probably about 80% recruiting, and 20% helping your team. But that helping your team will be helping your team to recruit more⭐. So, you're kind of always recruiting but at the same time as you're getting to that six figure mark, you're gonna recruit for yourself, and you're gonna decrease that recruiting to help your team to recruit more. And as your team👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 starts to recruit more, then you're gonna take out of that 80%, you're gonna take probably another 20%. So, I would say another probably 20-30% of that time✨. So, you would be 50% recruiting for yourself, 20%, 30% recruiting, helping your team to recruit⭐. And another 20% or 30%, depends on how you can balance it out. It doesn't need to be exactly like that but I think you get the idea, is to train people. To train your leaders on how to train others💎. #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers
There are many ways☝🏻 to scale your business📈, but how do you secure it has a lasting effect?💎 If you're in the Network Marketing profession what do you do to scale your business? 🚀 #retreat #duplicationsystem #system #results #duplication #event #mindset #mlm #lifestyle #coach #momentum #entrepreneur #workfromhome #networkmarketing #multilevelmarketing #prospecting #takeaction #crypto #freedom #networkmarketingpro #topearner #recruiting #millionnaire #cryptocurrency #gopro2017 #dreams #businessminded #mastermind #rankmakers

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