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I swear, by track number three the house lifted from its foundation and began to levitate. HOWLIN RAIN’s THE ALLIGATOR BRIDE. I can’t wait to see these guys live next month. (Tickets are only ten bucks!!!) Be sure to catch ‘em when they come to your town. @dudecervantes @howlinrain @jeffmcelroy24 and company will blow your mind. ©2018 Silver Current Records
ZZ TOP. LA FUTURA. ©2012 Universal Republic Records. From AllMusic.com: ZZ Top have long been a prime candidate for a Rick Rubin-led comeback, having long ago settled into an insular digital rut that paid back increasingly small dividends. La Futura is that long-awaited ZZ Top record, their first full-length in nearly a decade. Gibbons sits at the mixing board with Rubin and together they revive the Top's dirty '70s boogie, never quite forgetting the coolly propulsive stylized rock of Eliminator. Certainly, La Futura is the best album from ZZ Top since that '80s landmark but it flips Eliminator on its head, using synthesized elements as accents, not as a skeleton. Rubin returns real drums to ZZ Top but doesn't entirely strip away drum machines, giving La Futura just enough of a futuristic shimmer to live up to its name, just enough of the present to make it feel of the moment. ZZ Top have the weathered interplay of vets who've been doing this for almost their entire lives and Billy Gibbons' gravelly growl has now withered into a gnarly, strangled croak, almost primal in its ugliness. Far from hiding his ragged singing, Gibbons and Rubin have it battle the thick blasts of fuzz guitars throughout the whole of the album, noise that even splatters the slow 12-bar form of "Heartache in Blue." It's a thick, tactile sound that's invigorating -- the smack of Frank Beard's snare is infectious -- and that alone would make La Futura a success, but what makes it a triumph is the coolly efficient songwriting. ZZ Top cleverly reference past glories without succumbing to recycling: "I Gotsta Get Paid" could have wallowed in the Rio Grande Mud, "Chartreuse" boogies as relentlessly as "Tush," "Have a Little Mercy" winks at "Waitin' for the Bus," and they revive the arena rock of the '80s with "Flyin' High." What makes these songs really cook is how ZZ Top are celebrating everything that they've taken for granted for decades -- they're embracing the sleazy boogie, the dirty jokes, the locomotive riffs, the saturated blues, the persistent lecherous leer, and by doing so they finally sound like themselves again.
The sounds of the Vinyl Room on a Sunday ....... Just a couple of records I'm going thru .... The last one is a gem..... @itsjayp @irocksays @topshottareadyroc @kphresh84 @mahoganyjonz @keemthefranchize @dtchplnes @supaemcee1 @a30x @minnesota_moneyboss @motorcityfunk @amusicianzmind #INMYCRATES #VINYLROOMSESSIONS #SOULCRATES @scolla313 @t_kelzn3d @willyjpeso @crob313 #inmycrates #soulcrates #vinylroomsessions
Another great lost punk classic. This is PURE HELL and their album NOISE ADDICTION. Recorded in 1978. Not released until 2005. ©2005 Welfare Records. From LouderSound.com: The first (and, really, one of maybe three or four ever in history) all-black punk band, Pure Hell formed in Philadelphia in the mid-70s, cited The Stooges and MC5 as inspirations way before it was cool, looked awesome in their punk ‘do’s and leather jackets, and sounded like the Dead Boys. So why haven’t we heard of them? For one thing, they only ever released one single during their initial run, and it was a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Are Made For Walkin’. They were also ‘managed’ by Curtis Knight, the same sad-sack opportunist who bungled having Jimi Hendrix in his band a decade before. So it’s not surprising Pure Hell never got the attention they deserved. This eye-popping and ear-battering collection of unreleased studio sessions from the late 70s lets us in on what we missed, and it’s a full-on belter, full of snotty street-rockers flecked with wall-melting acid-rock guitars. #vinylclub #nowspinning #vinylrecords #ilovediscogs #vinyljunkie #purehellnoiseaddiction #records #vinyl #inmycrates #vinyllover #noiseaddiction #purehell #vinylvideo #projectaudio #purehelltheband #vinylobsession #vinyligclub #projectturntable #nowplaying #vinylcollection
“Inflammable material is planted in my head...” STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. ©1979 Rough Trade Records. From AllMusic.com: Originally released in 1979, Stiff Little Fingers were Ireland's answer to both the Clash and the Sex Pistols. They had the personal and political stance of the former, and the noisy, pissed off, slash-and-burn musical aesthetic as the latter. Fronted by guitarist and songwriter Jake Burns (he collaborated with journalist Gordon Ogilvie), SLF took off with their two singles "Alternative Ulster," and, for that time, the utterly out of control screaming that was "Suspect Device." These two singles make the purchase price of the album a priority. They represent barely contained youthful anger at social and political mores as righteous, utterly devoid of posturing or falsity and raging to break out. "Alternative Ulster" decries the Irish political sides in the Northern Ireland controversy -- the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Irish Republican Army -- holding them both accountable for bloodshed and social and economic stasis furthering nothing but their own interests. "Suspect Device" which opens the set, screams at the heart of the conflict, that neither side can be believed as both reduce freedom to a buzzword while wielding guns. Both tracks are calls to arms, but of a different sort -- the arms of dialogue and intelligence in the midst of idiocy and murder. Punk rock never sounded so brutal or positive in one band. There are other fine cuts here as well, such as the Bob Marley cover "Johnny Was," reinvented for the times in Northern Ireland; "Wasted Life," another paean to drop out of a society that breeds death and acquiescence for its own sake, and the scathing indictment of the record company that released the album, "Rough Trade." If you've been trying to dig through the morass into the heart of punk's original fire, this one's for you. #vinylclub #nowspinning #vinylrecords #ilovediscogs #vinyljunkie #stifflittlefingers #records #vinyl #inmycrates #vinyllover #belfast #inflammablematerial #punk #ireland #vinylvideo #projectaudio #irish #vinylobsession #vinyligclub #projectturntable #nowplaying #vinylcollection
Can’t sit still. DEERHOOF’s got me all wound up! DEERHOOF. APPLE ‘O. ©2003 KILLROCKSTARS.COM From AllMusic.com: 
Crashing in at just over half an hour long, Apple O' brims over with vivid bursts of musical and lyrical inspiration. As the title implies, Apple O' (my eye) revolves around the band's musings on love, sex, and creation, and in its own way captures the feeling of being head over heels perfectly. Songs like "Dummy Discards a Heart" -- which loosely likens being in love to playing cards -- and "Flower" make such a joyful noise that it's difficult not to be swept up in the band's quirky but potent happiness. This invigorating feel seeps into even the quieter tracks, such as "The Forbidden Fruits," a jazzy excursion in which Satomi Matsuzaki explores the phonetic beauty of the phrase "Leopard fur no store," and the strummy, folky finale "Blue Cash." The excellent Reveille, which also gives Apple O' a poppier, more accessible bent than some of their earlier work; with their rippling guitars and sweet vocals, "Heart Failure," "Dinner for Two," and "L'Amour Stories" come close to being straightforwardly pretty. However, Deerhoof doesn't neglect the crazier side of their music, with the firecracker guitars on "My Diamond Star Car," the jerky rhythms of "Panda Panda Panda," and the abrasive "Hayley and Homer" providing a fix for the initiated and potentially irritating those unwilling to play along with the band's noisy naïveté. Not surprisingly, Apple O''s best moments mix the pretty with the powerful and unpredictable: "Sealed With a Kiss" mixes a singsong melody with elephantine basslines, fizzy guitars, a brass band, and what sounds like a chicken clucking. Meanwhile, the bittersweet "Apple Bomb" retells the Adam and Eve myth in elliptical, but surprisingly deive terms, before the song does indeed explode in a blaze of distortion. It doesn't matter that the parts of Deerhoof's music don't seem to go together at first -- their music aims directly at the right side of the brain, making chaos sound cuddly and even kind of beautiful. Apple O' brings some order to Deerhoof's spontaneity, offering plenty of sweetness without forgetting their bite. #vinylclub #nowspinning #vinylrecords #ilovediscogs #vinyljunkie #records #vinyl #deerhoof #inmycrates #vinyllover #vinylvideo #projectaudio #vinylobsession #vinyligclub #projectturntable #nowplaying #vinylcollection

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