I am apparently not yet ready to hear any stories that would have something to do with the testing of the strength and vulnerability of your heart. So please consider this as my PRAYparation to the lifetime decision that you will be committing in His time. The moment I knew that there was another life living inside of me, I started building dreams for you and dared myself to dream higher and bigger because of you. While your Dad's greatest aspirations for you are to win souls and make disciples, mine is honestly for you to have and lead your own beautiful and godly family - a family that will raise champions for the Lord, that will bless this nation and the world, a family that will spring up a generation that is a million times better than ours. And so, I pray, I sincerely pray for your future life partner even long before today, the perfect match whom God would be revealing in His perfect time, whom God would be clearly presenting to you, telling you, "Here, Giver. She is the one that your mother has been praying for you all this time, all your life." β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜ #BecauseFEBibig #inJesusname #GoodVibesGiver #inHistime #bookpulledoutfromPBscollection