° Journal #35 For a while I didn't like the fact that I wasn't getting a lot of likes on a post (When I started putting the hashtags in the comments and the "algorithm" refreshed how many times my post would be seen by a new person.) For a while I didn't like how I was putting so much attention and energy into more than a dozen digital illustrations last year, not getting much attention, thinking they were awesome, now looking back and I cringe a bit. They weren't all that. ° Fact I'm trying to make is, I was expecting great rewards from producing mid bar talent. I didn't like it, and I was content with not changing anything because I was 'that good'. And whatever metre of talent I had, was enough. ° It would take a lot more doses of humility before I realised I needed to things don't happen like that and being a Instagram newcomer at the time was no excuse. Needed to revamp my entire process and think of it from the reality perspective of, 'maybe I'm not on fire as I thought'. Maybe your not always as good as you think. ° Thank you for reading my journey.