Nairobi, Kenya

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came to Kenya. At first glance the slums in the Mathare Valley have all the tellings of utter bleakness. But upon closer examination I found more hope there than anywhere else I have been. That hope is being cultivated primarily by the organization Missions of Hope International (MOHI). MOHI has built holistic centers right within these slums that provide children with quality education, basic health care, and hope for a better life. It doesn’t stop there, they also provide basic health care, job skills training, and Microfinance loans to start business for the families of the children being educated. MOHI was founded by a couple from Kenya and most of the staff are Kenyan citizens with a few US missionaries through CMF playing a supportive role. That means the work is being done by the people of Kenya for the people of Kenya. MOHI is currently educating and empowering 16,000 children within the slums. Our financial support today will ensure those 16,000 stay on the right course and it will allow even more children to get enrolled. We should not endeavor to force our culture on others, nor should offer short term gifts that only create dependence. We should, however, be stewards of the innocent. By donating to MOHI we can help the Kenyan people empower their children. Already you can see the hairline cracks on the glass ceiling that has loomed over this community for so long. This newly educated generation will shatter that obstacle for themselves, and for all generations to follow. Please consider making a contribution to this grand effort. With our resources, and their passionate efforts, I am invincibly confident we will see a transformation of the slums in that valley within our lifetime. #africa #kenya #hope #transformation #give #help #support #empower #education #change #support #education #empower #change #help #africa #give #kenya #hope #transformation

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